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Are you a Millionaire in the Making? 10 Ways to Tell if you are a Pre-Millionaire – Thread –

1. You Seek High-Quality Friendships

Cultivate rich relationships and avoid toxic ones. Your inner circle should include people who are:

  • Loyal
  • Driven
  • Ambitious
  • Respectful
  • Disciplined
  • Courageous
  • Experienced
  • Well-rounded

You are who you associate yourself with.

2. You Grow from Failure

When you fail, you’re giving it your all.

Failure builds:

  • Growth
  • Resilience
  • Experience
  • Knowledge
  • Opportunity

There is no such thing as failure. You either learn or you win.

3. You are Building Passive Income Streams

The average millionaire has up to 7 streams of income.

Warren Buffett said it best: “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” To be a millionaire, think like a millionaire.

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4. You Read

85% of millionaires read 2+ books per month.

Books offer advice on:

  • Life
  • Family
  • Business
  • Investments
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Personal development

If you want to succeed, you have to read.

5. You Understand Basic Financial Concepts

Lack of financial literacy can cost you money.

Financial literacy helps you:

  • Earn
  • Build
  • Save
  • Invest
  • Protect

The wealthy build and maintain their wealth because they understand the financial system.

6. You Never Stop Learning

With the dawn of the internet age, knowledge is at your fingertips.

How to learn 1% more daily:

  • Stay involved
  • Stay informed
  • Stay educated
  • Stay connected

Learners are earners.

7. You Give Back

72% of millionaires volunteer 5+ hours every month.

You become successful because of your community’s:

  • Support
  • Guidance
  • Resources

That’s why the successful:

  • Donate time
  • Donate talent
  • Donate money

A rising tide lifts all boats.

8. You Exercise Daily

76% of millionaires exercise 30+ minutes daily.

Regular exercise increases:

  • Focus
  • Memory
  • Sleep quality
  • Physical fitness
  • Mental concentration

A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.

9. You Prioritize your Time

Everyone has 24 hours. Use your time wisely to make your goals a reality.

How to prioritize:

  • Eliminate time wasters
  • Identify long term goals
  • Finish the most important tasks first

Say “no” for a better “yes.”

10. You have a Winning Mindset

80% to 85% of millionaires are self-made.

Anyone can win, if you:

  • Change your habits
  • Change your friends
  • Change your mindset

If you want to be like the wealthy, you have to think like the wealthy.



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