Openoms, a serious educator in the bitcoin space has suggested the following service. I haven’t tried it but you can trust this guy when he’s excited about something.

So, in order:

  1. Automated: Lightning network plus where you can join a ring, a triangle, a square, a pentagram, pretty much automates the process. You can always use a proton mail address or just a throwaway address
  2. Manually with free telegram groups: Rings of Fire at and Plebnet at or at I prefer Plebnet because they are lots of fun, a great community and they have some Bitcoin core developers like Dee++.
  3. Paywalled: Lightning Liquidity & Pool.
  4. Lightning Liquidity Lounge at Sphinx Chat This isn’t exactly paywalled, but Sphinx Chat requires some minor sats to chat and avoid spam.
  5. And finally, connect with the kroisos node!

Those communities are open to newbies, very welcoming, especially plebnet has nice guides, tutorial links in the telegram, pretty well organized. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, we were all newbies once and lightning node management is not easy even for computer-savvy people.

Hope these help and let’s all grow the Lightning network together!



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