Bitcoinistruth wrote this wonderful series of stages in a cryptocurrency dabbler’s life.

Step 1: you get tired of seeing everyone make money on “cryptocurrencies” and decide to have a look. 

Step 2: you look for “the next Bitcoin” for them sick gainz. 

Step 3: you are told the crypto space is much more than being the next bitcoin. There are so many interesting projects that you just have to diversify. 

Step 4: you get super triggered at toxic bitcoin maxis and you make sure to tell them that we are all on the same boat. You keep thinking: if they don’t stop, they will drive everyone away. 

Step 5: you get rekt or rug pulled. Your choice😉 

Step 6: in between your tears, you see Bitcoin’s price rising. You also see those so-called plebs cheering on and buying the dips (also buying the rips). 

Step 7: You decide you HAVE to know why Bitcoin is different. Maybe you stumble upon @TheGuySwann‘s podcast where he reads awesome Bitcoin articles. Or maybe you start reading “The Bitcoin Standard” by @saifedean. 

Step 8: You starting liking what you are learning and decide to get back into the crypto game, but this time you only buy Bitcoin (just a little, to keep yourself interested). 

Step 9: one podcast episode, turns into hundreds. One book, turns into dozens. Your mind right now: 🤯🤯🤯🤯 

Step 10: you buy Bitcoin with every spare fiat you have, then go back to studying 

Step 11: you’re browsing on twitter and you see people wanting to buy crypto. You try to educate them, you tell them Bitcoin only. Half of them say you’re closed minded and the other half laugh at you saying you have a boomer coin.

Step 12: you shrug it off and tell them they will learn the hard way 

Step 13: you realize you are super early. The world is asleep. They haven’t read @knutsvanholm‘ books. So they don’t know that everything there is will be divided by 21 million (∞/21M). 

Step 14: you become frugal, sell everything you don’t need and fomo into Bitcoin, after that you start DCAing 

Step 15: you see experts, academics, journalists, blue checks and politicians spouting obvious lies about bitcoin. You tell them why they’re wrong. You get called toxic 

Step 16: you call out obvious scams, you get called toxic.
You try to show people why bitcoin-only you get called toxic.
Toxic toxic toxic. 

Step 17: You see there’s no end of foolishness in sight plus bitcoin is getting attacked at all angles. You focus on protecting Bitcoin at all costs. 

Step 18: you join your brothers and sisters in arms: The Plebs. You wear the title: Bitcoin Maximalist as an absolute honor. And tell the world:
Bitcoin is freedom money
Bitcoin is f*ck you money

You also join The Freaks: @ODELL@MartyBent

We know that people need to do their own mistakes in order to learn. No matter how much wisdom another person has, it cannot be transferred simply by shouting a warning. But these steps laid out might help you realise that you’re in this journey a bit sooner, and they might help you avoid being rekt in the process.

If you want to start with bitcoin, here’s how.



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