From a Facebook post by Simon Shows You Maps: A novel way of representing global GDP. This map imagines that there are only 1000 GDP “units” in the world, meaning each hexagon represents 0.1% of total nominal GDP as of 2021. The link features a high-res version. Source:

I think this is a good way to view a deflationary world.

Imagine hyperbitcoinization. Okay, fine. But there’s a finite amount of Bitcoins to go around, exactly under 21 million. Call it a bunch of satoshis to be precise, since at that point bitcoin will be worth millions.


But the world’s wealth will not change, and it’s naive to think that some libertarian nerds will take over. Sorry, but no. It’s just a fair monetary system, and yes, there will be some new millionaires, but things will not change in the macro level. US, Russia and China will still be superpowers, and even if we all use bitcoin, the same bunch of people will be holding the bags of money.

So, yeah, it’s a nice map. You can easily juxtapose bitcoin on it since it’s a limited supply, and see how much each country would own if they were quantized.



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