Robert Kiyosaki, mostly known as Rich Dad sent a recent email about this topic and I found his analogy quite interesting. Greek myths are forever relevant, after all:

Once upon a time, in Ancient Greece, there was a father who wanted to marry his daughter Atalanta off.

Because of her beauty, Atalanta had a lot of suitors. 

But she didn’t want to get married. So she turned down one proposal after another. Eventually, at her father’s insistence, she agreed to marry, but under one condition:

Her to-be husband must beat her in a footrace.

Many accepted the challenge. And all of them failed.

But one young man, Melanion, had a different plan. He realized there was no way he could beat Atalanta in a race.

So he prayed to Aphrodite for help. 

The goddess decided to help him and gave him three golden apples. She told him to, as soon as Atalanta runs past him, throw one apple in front of her.

And so he did.

When Atalanta saw a golden apple on the ground…

She couldn’t resist stopping and collecting it. 

Thanks to this distraction, Melanion won the race. And her hand.

So what does this ancient myth have to do with you starting a successful online business and creating passive income?

A lot, actually.

You see, just like Atalanta, you have a clear goal you want to achieve. In your case, it’s to create a passive income stream.

But, at the same time, life keeps throwing “golden apples” in front of you – a.k.a new opportunities to start a business.

Eventually, as you stop to check every opportunity, you get distracted from your goal.

And you never reach it.

Listen: the world is full of amazing opportunities to start a business and create passive income.

But instead of jumping from one to another, what you should do is…

Pick the one that’s proven to work and focus 100% on it.

And one business opportunity that’s been working for over 20 years – and will continue to work for 20+ years – is building an email-based business!

Why am I suggesting building an email-based business?


  • It doesn’t take you much time – about 30 minutes per day…
  • You don’t need a product or service – you can use other people’s products…
  • You don’t have to sell anything – others do that…
  • You don’t need a website, a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel – you just need a 1-page website…
  • You just send simple emails with links to other people’s products – for which people are willing to pay you up to 75% of the money they make because of your emails…

Start a mailing list with Mailerlite, my chosen platform for every project I do.



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