This is a gorgeous tweet:

You have to understand the significance of this. Bitcoin has earned this market share on its own. There is no startup behind it, there’s no marketing, nobody giving out pamphlets and tokens. M1 currency means pretty much the serious kind of currency, like USD, EURO, YEN. 6% is huge. I think it’s somewhere between 14th and 16th place in the world’s biggest currencies right now. That’s larger than most countries.

And you still think it’s not a solid investment?

Even if you don’t buy the whole Bitcoin Standard thing, even if you’re skeptical about Bitcoin’s prophesized dominance over gold, USD and everything (and you should remain skeptical,) even if you don’t think it’ll even go mainstream due to its fundamental issues, you still have to admit that its becoming a serious investment option. There is a trillion USD carried around the world inside the bitcoin network, and you can assume that hackers and scammers are trying to get their hands on that trillion every second of every day.

The fact that bitcoin has held off those attacks for years now is just unbelievable. I myself thought that it wouldn’t last this long when I studied bitcoin a few years ago. I was sure it would get hacked, that there would be a fatal bug in the source code, that it would break.

It didn’t.

It’s a serious digital asset and if you believe that the market share will grow, you can invest in bitcoin right now.



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