Image: Pexels — Adapted by Sylvain Saurel

Boredom Often Follows a Bitcoin Price Crash. Don’t Get Trapped, Stick to Your Strategy.

Buy, HODL, Repeat.

Sometimes it’s easy to chase after the next shiny thing. DeFi, altcoins, new opportunities, new tricks. Bitcoin feels boring and outdated. Unless you have been orange-pilled, the exchanges make it so easy to trade your precious bitcoin and get shiny new shitcoins. In fact it’s criminally easy to just swap it inside their platform, I know I’ve done it in Binance once or twice.

But you really shouldn’t do that.

Bitcoin requires conviction. Here’s a nice article about how to fight boredom during the sideways months of bitcoin.

And if you do decide to get bitcoin, here’s where you can do it with ease.



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