Dennis Porter posted his opinion on why he thinks bitcoin is the greatest invention in human history.

I fully believe #bitcoin is the greatest invention in human history.

For 10,000 years we have been using money and for 10,000 years those in power have been corrupting the money we use.

Debasement has lead to some of the worst events in our history.

Top 3 Worst👇 

The collapse of Rome occurred in part because the Silver Denarius being debased by 95% from 3.9g of silver to less than 0.2g of silver.

One impact of this was Rome’s soldiers weren’t willing to fight for worthless coins.

Rome’s frontier was vast.
This lead to quick collapse.

The pillaging of African nations from the 1500’s – 1700’s was due to debasement.

Glass beads were seen as precious by Africans so Europeans flooded the market with these beads.

This amplified the TransAtlantic slave trade and the the removal of precious goods from Africa.

In 1914, Weimar (Germany) had an explosion in inflation (hyperinflation).

That event lead to the Rise of Hitler and Nazism as people grew angry with the status quo.

Hitler’s rise to power lead to 75 million deaths and massive capital destruction.

See any similarities to today?

The reason why bitcoin is so important is because it protects us from governments debasing our money.

When govs mess w/ our money it has lead to collapse, war, and literal slavery.

Now for the first time in history we have a money that CANT be debased.

This is why we #bitcoin

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