Ricardo Salinas Pliego doubles down on BTC yet again as gold and the U.S. dollar come in for serious criticism.

Bitcoin (BTC) is definitively the “new gold” for the third richest man in Mexico, Ricardo Salinas Pliego.

In a tweet on June 27, Ricardo Salinas Pliego confirmed claims that he recommends Bitcoin as an investment rather than fiat currencies or gold. 

Pliego reiterates Bitcoin benefits

Pliego, already well known as a Bitcoin proponent, has stuck by his conviction, furthering South America’s newfound penchant for the largest cryptocurrency.

“That’s totally right, Bitcoin is the new gold, but too much more portable, transport Bitcoin is so much easier than having your in pockets gold bars … and i know that I’m going to be attacked by gold lovers,” he responded to a tweet by MicroStrategy CEO, Michael Saylor.

Saylor had linked to a previous video interview with Pliego in which he argued that Bitcoin easily beats the U.S. dollar when it comes to wealth preservation.

Pliego has professed his admiration for Bitcoin on multiple occasions and various platforms, including in a dedicated interview with Cointelegraph at the start of the year.

When asked by a Twitter user how Mexico could follow El Salvador in making it legal tender, Pliego nonetheless drew a blank.

“No idea,” he replied.

As Cointelegraph reported, El Salvador’s new era of legal tender BTC comes into force in September, while Paraguay is also making noises about increased use.


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