Bitcoin: The Future of Money? | Bitcoiner Book Club | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast – S4: E:40

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Some quotes:

“The very act of #bitcoin sanctifying the sovereignty of the individuals is actually tilting the individuals towards doing something good instead of something bad. It’s not just neutral, there is an intrinsic ethic to #bitcoin that is more likely to tilt in a positive direction.”

“So you do all your computation externally. I made the case that alot of our sanity is distributed. We tend to think of ourselves as organised within, keeping ourselves sane if our psyches are well structured, but alot of the way we stay sane is by interacting with other people.”

“And you can see that we are going off in all sorts of weird conspiratorial directions as a consequence of being locked down for so long. We haven’t been subjected to enough social correction for a while because we’ve been isolated & we all go off the rails as a consequence.”

“So if the value language is incorruptible, then you can externalise your cognition and you can rely on the market almost completely to make decisions for you. So you buy the cheapest car for example, because the calculation have already been done for you, fundamentally.”

“We do affect change because we buy things and then there’s more of them. We do have that impact everytime we make a purchasing decision.”



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