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This article examines how #Bitcoin achieves censor resistance from a networking design perspective, and why there is no way to fundamentally improve on Satoshi’s network design choices.

Back to basics: how Satoshi designed Bitcoin for censor resistance

TL;DR: Crypto networks require a speed limit to ensure censor resistance, the property of the Bitcoin network that sets it apart from all other computer networks. Satoshi’s network design choices were suitable for achieving this property, and no fundamental scaling improvement is possible on a base layer. Bitcoin is scaling through an economically optimized scaling solution called the Lightning Network.

Proof of Work supports censor resistance by allowing anyone with computing power to serve as a ledger writer. Proof of Stake is untenable for creating a censor resistant network with a hard cap token supply because only those who own the underlying token can write to the ledger, making the problem of centralization unavoidable.

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