The biggest crime is being perpetrated towards the upcoming retirees.

Consider this:

You’ve worked your entire life in fiat. You’ve been a company man, made sacrifices, put your head down, followed every rule, worked like a cog in the corporate machine.


And you’ve been promised a retirement. It looks good on paper, everybody is telling you it’s enough to live comfortably on.


You retire, and then you take a look at expenses. Inflation has made your pension look like a kid’s allowance. The numbers are there, you were supposed to be wealthy enough for about 15 years or so, but you’re not.

Gas prices are up, housing costs are up, medical bills are mounting.

Sure, stealing away time from the youth is criminal, but at least they can work harder and learn to do some investing.

What can a senior person do?

They have to become an investment expert, a hedge fund manager essentially.

That’s what we mean when we say society needs hard money. Hard money, like gold, like bitcoin, keeps you sane. It makes promises that it can keep. Whereas fiat money makes promises that it’s not planning to keep.

Read the articles about retirement.

“Workers envision a transition to retirement that is misaligned with retirees’ realities.” Their expectations are out of line with reality.

And if you’re in the US, check out the gold and bitcoin IRA. If you’re anywhere else, just get some bitcoin, and it might just be enough to retire on.



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