Here’s which ones came out on top:

AMC, GameStop and Nokia are lumped together, but not all meme stocks are alike — whether you are a day-trader or a long-term investor.

Every day the meme stocks dominate the financial media. And rightly so — they are illustrating the power of communications, as traders and investors seek to follow momentum to big profits.

It’s easy to dismiss the phenomenon, because it isn’t based on companies’ traditional measures of profitability or sales growth, ratios of share prices to earnings or sales, or even innovative products or services. But so much money is trading around these stocks that you should at least learn about what is going on.

Traders trying to understand the momentum and make quick gains will, of course, look at daily trading volumes and the immediate direction of share prices. But there are also measures of momentum among people communicating in Reddit’s WallStreetBets channel and other social media. One of these, called a “social sentiment analysis,” was developed by HypeEquity and described here by Thornton McEnery.

But you might also be interested in whether any of these stocks might make good long-term investments. Or you may want to see financial information and standard stock valuations for the meme stocks, as part of your arguments against them.

The meme stocks

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If you want to trade meme stonks or even serious stocks, check out these stock apps:



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