Frankly, I don’t know. I run a node on my computer but I use this workstation for so much stuff that I don’t wanna pile that on as well.

I ordered a Raspberry Pi node from these guys. Fulmo RaspiBlitz. Waiting for the kit to arrive, I’ll post more when I have it. I was actually planning on buying a Nodl One that runs Shinobi, I think, but it was out of stock for a few more days and I didn’t wanna wait. Also I’m okay with DIY stuff. I certainly don’t wanna program one from scratch, but I can follow instructions and assemble my own kit, thank you. I was certain that I didn’t want a preloaded blockchain, so okay on that. And I didn’t really know how much RAM a raspberry pi node needs. I found an old post somewhere about 2 GB being enough, so I considered just getting the 4 GB so that it would last a few years. Then I decided that I wanted the 8 GB so I could run a public node and post the connection details on his site.

So, yeah. My DIY cheap kit ended up costing exactly as much as a prefab Nodl One. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes.

I wanted to share this podcast from What Bitcoin Did with Shinobi about nodes, there’s some excellent info in there that I didn’t even consider, obviously the guy is a pro and he’s neck deep into this stuff.



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