Taking an excuse to discuss this topic from this article https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/nuclear-powered-cryptomining-begin-pennsylvania-next-year

The ESG is not about saving the planet. It’s about control. Just like the priests of old who threatened uneducated people with the wrath of god, impending catastrophes and floods, apocalypses and eclipses, we now have climate experts and doomsayers and extreme measures to save energy.

And the question is, save energy for what?

It is inevitable for a great civilization to grow without first mastering and then using mass stores of energy. Sure, let’s keep an eye out on it, try and make it a little bit greener, a little bit more efficient.

But you can’t run a city on windmills, no matter what the ESG crowd says.

Nuclear power is the worst offender in this scenario. Nuclear is proven to be the most efficient, clean, abundant form of energy known to man, and instead of studying it more and filling up the place with nuclear experts, we’re going the wrong way like Switzerland who’s decommissioning three nuclear power plants.

And replace them with what? Solar, wind? Sure, if you have a dam nearby, put a power station on it and it’s pure, endless, unstoppable green energy. But it never is quite that easy. We need the energy where we live, and you can’t really send it across vast distances. That’s stranded energy.

The excuses given by ESG people like Elon Musk about filling up the planet with batteries are ridiculous. Experts have run the numbers and found Elon’s plans simply not practical. Sure, it might work in some cases, like a use-case in a Greek island. Or some other places with stranded energy that have environmental conditions that don’t degrade batteries that much.

But those are feel-good measures. They are made by people who preach about going green while running a private jet to the meeting paid for by government subsidies.

In a few years it will become obvious that bitcoin mining is the perfect store of energy. Our kids will think of us as fools for even arguing about this simple fact. Stranded energy, green energy, turn it to bitcoin through mining, move that energy around the world in minutes anywhere it might be needed.

Teleporting energy.

So pure, so simple.

It’s the only way to become Kardashev 1.

As for the topic of energy, the only way to go is up. We need more energy as a civilization, not less. Energy control means choking someone’s life. It means limiting their movements, their capabilities, their business, their expansion, just so you can control them and drip little bits of energy here and there just so they won’t die on you.

They say we are a Kardashev 0.7 civilization as a species right now. That means we’re using about 70% of the planet’s resources. The only way to go up to a full 1 is to use nuclear power and bitcoin.

And sure, there have been accidents. They are terrifying, I’m not pretending not to be scared of radiation. But that’s why the security measures, the expertise, the brainpower and the redundant backup systems nowadays are through the roof.

You know what happened when Fukushima leaked radiation? Japan paused their plants, and so did many others around the world. That allowed the nuclear fuel companies some breathing room, and they innovated.

No, really.

Think of them like handling oranges. You can’t put nuclear oranges in a reactor, you need purified orange juice. That’s what we’ve been using for decades now.

Since the Fukushima accident and the demand being low, the experts had time to innovate the procedures in the juicing process and managed to get more juice out of the same nuclear oranges.

Also, we’ve found some radiation-eating bacteria in Chernobyl that might help with disposal of nuclear waste and also space radiation shielding on our spacecraft.

This is not a stale industry. This has the biggest brains on the planet working on it, fine-tuning every little bit of the process, from fuel to plant to safe disposal of nuclear waste.

And again, yes. It is terrifying. The body horror in an irradiated place is the stuff of literal nightmares.

But so is fire and charred bodies, and we haven’t stopped using fire anywhere just because it’s scary.



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