I watched this very interesting interview from Ukraine. Philipp Bagus explains how the euro is meant to give control to Brussels and eventually lead to a superstate, a centralized Eurozone with one Central Bank and government handouts. That will of course eliminate all individual features of the participating countries, and cultures will be wiped out in the name of socialism.

He explains the Greek crisis, the bailouts and how the euro’s very system is made to be abused by corrupt politicians who issue bonds and effectively print fiat euro to please their voters, passing on the debt to the future of the country and by extension to every citizen in the Eurozone.

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Philipp Bagus, German economist and professor of economics at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, in his interview for Ukrlife.TV told about his libertarian ideas on state planning, tragedy of euro and hazards of global economic crisis. 1:10​ – What disadvantages does European integration bring? 2:30​ – Why does socialist remain in Europe? 4:25​ – Three phases of socialism 7:00​ – How would population survive without social welfare? 12:00​ – Gold is the best currency 15:30​ – What does “tragedy of euro” mean? 18:30​ – Euro is a mean for socialist central planning 22:00​ – Ukraine should look at Norway’s example 24:20​ – Reliance on euro is like tying yourself to sinking ship 26:30​ – State is antagonistic to society 28:00​ – What are reasons for economic crisis? 32:00​ – Ukraine should embrace gold standard



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