Everybody does it. They learn about bitcoin, see that it’s slow, clunky, weird, basically a hodgepodge of technologies mushed together and it barely works. And to be fair, that’s what engineers do, they try and fix things.

Elon Musk, that Soong guy, the Vlad guy, Roger Ver, everybody has a way to fix bitcoin and thinks they can do better. Well, here’s the man mentioned by name in the Bitcoin Whitepaper, Adam Back, the creator of HashCash, which is Proof of Work, saying how he too spent quite a bit of time and brainpower to fix bitcoin and how it could be done.

In 2013 @adam3us spent 4 months trying to improve #Bitcoin and he found that if you improve #Bitcoin in a way, it gets worse in many other way.

Bitcoin exists in a narrow packed of design space and it seems that you can’t really improve it.


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