Vlad Costea posted this guide for the Lightning network, explaining a lot of the things about it, how to start, what the node options are, the works.

Seriously, Vlad, I could have used this like 2 months ago. Anyway, better late than never, check out the guide and get educated. Hopefully you’ll run your own node. https://bitcoin-takeover.com/explaining-the-lightning-network-so-even-a-10-year-old-can-understand-it/

For his node options, I need to add Umbrel because it seems to be the perfect option for newbies. Twitter is flush with posts of newbies spinning up their own Umbrel node, and of course after that comes the inevitable flood of questions on literally every lightning Telegram group, Sphinx chat, everywhere. No matter, we are newbie-friendly, people joining in with enthusiasm is how we learn and how the network expands, bringing mainstream adoption for Lightning payments. Also it helps reinforce the Bitcoin network and that’s always a big plus.

I don’t like the elitist attitude I’m seeing towards newbies in the space. I’ve only seen it on Reddit so far, and I think it’s bad for the bitcoin community. This year’s newbie might be next year’s top developer, bitcoin advocate or businessman. You never know. So, read on.



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