Trezor Model T Backup Pack

We’ve just launched a new security bundle on Trezor Shop, the Trezor Model T Backup Pack. A perfect match of secure offline key management and extreme cold storage for your recovery seed, this pack comes with a Trezor Model T and a Cryptotag Zeus at a great price. 

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Commit to long term security for your cryptocurrency. Get a Trezor Model T Backup Pack and transfer your paper backup to a battle-tested titanium seed plate. Highly resistant to fire and corrosion, your recovery seed will withstand the test of time in bulletproof cold storage.

Cold storage made easy 

Safely generate your crypto keys offline and back up your unique recovery seed in minutes. Trezor hardware wallets ensure your seed never touches a network, making online attacks a thing of the past. Manage your cryptocurrency more easily and protect your coins for the future. 

Secured by industry standards

Using the BIP39 industry standard, your recovery seed can be restored on any compatible device or wallet, so your backup will be safe for decades to come even if your Trezor is lost or damaged. Thanks to the Cryptotag Zeus titanium seed plate, your recovery seed will survive the most extreme conditions for long-term peace of mind. 

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How does the Cryptotag Zeus work?

The  Cryptotag Zeus titanium backup is a specially designed pair of metal plates that let you store up to 24 words from the BIP39 wordlist. These 2048 unique words are used to generate the keys and addresses for cryptocurrencies using an industry-wide standard. 

The Cryptotag Zeus comes with a powerful centre-punch that is used to stamp the word into the metal plate. By marking the number at which the word appears on the BIP39 wordlist, you can store any seed word by stamping just four digits. Watch the official tutorial video below for an easy demonstration.

Trezor Model T Backup Pack

  • Long term crypto security
  • Create and protect keys offline
  • Durable titanium backup
  • Easy to store and recover

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