Bitcoiner Margie posted a wonderful thread on twitter:

Why would I buy cryptocurrencies that have not been stress-tested, have leaders who can control their supplies, and have not proven themselves to have the ability to stand against attacks from governments?

#Bitcoin has been attacked from every angle & yet, here it is: THRIVING.

It’s been attacked by governments, banks, mainstream media, virtue-signallers, and lately, “environmentalists” who wear jeans and “fight” for the environment using iPhones and devices that use Lithium.

Who have attacked shitcoins other than Bitcoin maxis? 

Bitcoin maxis have STANDARDS.

They’re not in it for the shiny things centralized altcoins promise, which is Profits.

They’re in it for freedom and protection.

There’s nothing wrong with trading altcoins for profits. But don’t say that altcoins are “decentralized” and sound money.

They haven’t proven themselves to be sound money and they have leaders who can control their supplies. 

Margie runs a blog for bitcoin newbies

Bitcoin 101:

– You don’t have to buy 1 whole #Bitcoin to get into Bitcoin.

– You can buy units of 1 #BTC..

– You can buy $1 worth of #Satoshis aka #Sats.

– 1 Bitcoin has 100M Satoshis.

It’s not too late to get in. #stacksats

If you want to buy some bitcoin, you can do it here.



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