Ah… Bitcoin. Sports stars are talking about it. Bankers are talking about it. And now, Playboy girls are talking about it. Then again, this obviously a very intelligent person. Check out Jessica Vaugn on Twitter:

Stitched tweets here https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1384648991384604678.html

And also mirrored here because bitcoin taught us not to trust, but verify:

I’ll never sell my Bitcoin because I bought in to venture down the path of developing a world that guards individual liberties at a time sovereignty is on life support. I didn’t buy to store wealth. I bought to break away from a disempowering system of Fed manipulation. 

It’s wrong to to do people even when the person being wronged is not me. I deserve to choose who receives the future fruits of my endeavors. I want to buy, sell, and grow with people who will preserve what I value above all, my right to infinite potential the free market gives.

I want to build with people who still believe in some absolutes. I don’t know what anybody in mainstream culture values because it’s always subject to relativity as trends are programmed into them. I want to create with people who share a base moral framework devoid of coercion.

Bitcoiners are entrepreneurial people. I have a world of choice in the marketplace. I would find it worth the effort to go out of my way to engage in commerce with people who share the vision of individual sovereignty and our right to a truly free market omitting gov’t meddling. 



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