I’ll admit I have no idea what this restaurant chain is, but I like what they posted about their bitcoin hodlings. Maybe you can find some counter arguments for your decision too: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1397932629463388161.html

Hodling #Bitcoin as a Company is not easy, over the past year it felt like we were battling an opposing public opinion in our community all the time.
This was resolved by us learning & studying which was crucial
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2/ The arguments were exhausting especially if you didn’t put time into education
1. Too volatile
2. Untrustworthy
3. Will get banned
4. Consumes too much energy
5. Not an investment, its speculation
6. Manipulated market
7. CBDC’s
8. Used by criminals

3/ We saw something different, #Bitcoin was the most stable asset in our lives. Block after block it operated with perfection as promised. #Bitcoin hasn’t changed at all since we got into it (yes, we verified) but the echo system built on top of it grew immensely

4/ Meanwhile everything else around us was insanely volatile, Our Central Bank printed more money than was ever printed in the country’s history. Prices of real estate, commodities, groceries shot through the roof, more importantly the prices of Chicken 

5/ Our business is built on the back of fresh high quality Chicken which increased in price by >25%
Nassim Taleb came out on @CNBC and suggested that owning a business should be sufficient to protect you from inflation because you can raise prices, 

6/ what he fails to understand is the competition dynamic. We are competing with the likes of Costco, Mcdonald’s & Popeyes. They didn’t raise prices because they are Chicken monopolies & have 1000X more buying power than us. Therefor we are left with these choices

a. Increase Prices & lose market share to our competitors
b. Keep Prices the Same & lose profit margin
c. Use lower quality Chicken and make our product worse
All of these options are bad

8/ #Bitcoin was our strategy of choice. For us it represents Hope, Freedom & Fair Opportunity. Prices of everything got cheaper for us in bitcoin over the last year. It gave us a fighting chance to compete with these Chicken Monopolies.

9/ We urge companies especially medium & smaller sized business to study more about this new & exciting savings technology. It’ll take time but will be worth it because it will end up saving you time. Here are three amazing articles and a website to get you started,

10/ By @real_vijay


11/ By @parkeralewis https://unchained-capital.com/blog/bitcoin-is-the-great-definancialization/

12/ By @JeffBooth https://medium.com/the-bitcoin-times/the-greatest-game-b787ac3242b2

13/ By @michael_saylor


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