The release for Bitcoin Core 0.21.1rc1 is out. You can download it here It’s the support for Taproot, it’s a soft fork, meaning it is backwards compatible. It doesn’t change anything on the core blockchain, it only adds a couple of new features that are useful. For a list of things it incorporates into bitcoin you can read this post.

There needs to be a consensus, the miners need to migrate to the new bitcoin core and start mining blocks that include the new taproot metadata. The biggest pool on the planet, Slushpool has minted the first taproot block. It’s not surprising since they among the biggest, oldest and more respected pools in Bitcoin.

You can see the taproot consensus on this site in a neat visual and interactive way. Though why you would, it’s no one’s guess. It needs to have 90% consensus to more forward. If that doesn’t happen, there’s a contingency plan.

Rootzoll tweeted how to update the Raspiblitz and how it’s for reckless people.


Yolo, I went ahead and did it, kroisos node is now taproot compatible.

Here are the instructions, it’s not that hard.



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