Bitcoiners around the world are experiencing the same things again and again: They’re lowering their time preference.

Time preference, as Seifedean Ammous calls it, is what your mind is set to. A high time preference is a person with immediate needs, one that can only think of either today’s hedonism or today’s survival, never thinking about tomorrow. Situations can cause that in people, wars, hardships, whatever. But also soft money, inflationary money. If the money you use punishes you for saving and investing, and if the monetary system makes you feel like you’re holding an ice cube in your hands that is melting, you want to spend it. You want to waste it, because it will be worth less tomorrow, so you fill up that basket, buy crap you don’t need on sale, forget about tomorrow and eat unhealthy food.

Hard money allows you to free your mind. I know it sounds a bit cultish, but bear with me. Every civilization that hard money, basically the gold standard and usually actual gold coins, and that also had solved their immediate needs, thrived. Simply thrived. People in Athens could have slaves do most of the hard work so they could focus on art and science and mathematics. People in Egypt built wonders of the world also, they lasted for millennia. Rome, then Florence, Italy, then Paris during the Renaissance, then wherever else culture and civilization advanced.

That’s the idea behind bitcoin and hard money and low time preference. Sure you have some immediate needs, but once you’re into bitcoin, orange pilled as some like to call it, you start thinking about investing. You start thinking about the future, you start building stuff, you start taking care of your health, you stop hedonistic lifestyles and start healthier, balanced lifestyles. Okay, you don’t have to become a carnivore, but I can guarantee you that you’ll go into some sort of diet, at the very least cutting out sugar and junk food and sodas from your plate completely.

Once you’re into bitcoin, you start to weigh everything against its future value. If you spent on some crap sale now, that same amount of satoshis would be double in three months. You become frugal, you become thoughtful about the future.

Now, back to the carnivore thing. Yes, it’s a bit extreme. Seifedean Ammous liked to throw steak dinners for bitcoiners. You can read this article here, and you can read his manifesto on meat on his website.

I’m also a carnivore, and that’s by choice. I love a good steak, and none of that raw stuff. That is absolutely disgusting and ridiculous, not to mention unhealthy. I simply don’t understand this American obsession with uncooked meat. In one burger house we went to in Corfu/Kerkyra it was American style food and the chef was offended that we wanted well-done burgers. We got them medium rare and they were good, but no, my friend. It’s not healthy, and you’re dumb.

Raw meat? You’re a fucking moron.

So, well-done meat it is for me. Steak, burgers, as less sugar as possible, no processed foods, but plenty of salad too. 95% meat is again an unbalanced thing, and salad pairs with a nice, juicy steak anyway. Enough with the macho crap, can eat your veggies, man. Broccoli and steak, burger with tomato and lettuce.

Carnivores also don’t like plant fats, but we have olive oil, and you need olive oil if you wanna live long and prosper. Simple as that.

Also, since this diet does not contain all the nutrients your body might need, you can supplement your food with Aloe Vera gel. And the best aloe juice is the one from the Aloe Vera Company.

I also like this interview with Michael Saylor where he mentions a healthy diet. Okay, again, you don’t have to go Keto or Paleo or Neanderthal or whatever, but a healthy amount of cooked meat and a healthy amount of vegetables is good for you, while cutting out sugar completely.

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Going into bitcoin can change your life, and I think it’s for the better. You start to think about the future, you start to invest more, you get rid of flashy, material things and focus on the future. Seeing decades into your future makes you take care of yourself better. Basically what Seifedean says about hard money. In another interview, Michael Saylor discusses the possibility of funding organizations with Bitcoin, and how all it takes is the rule of thumb of 2 bitcoin per person to keep it running. If you fund a company with 500 bitcoin it can sustain itself with 250 people for about a century. That’s short time preference, that’s long-term thinking, that’s the Renaissance era, that’s thinking into the future.



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