Let’s face it, if you’re here, you’re probably bullish on Bitcoin. And the safe bet is that bitcoin is going to go up, way up in the following years.

Here’s a way to borrow against your bitcoin with 0% interest (You read that right.)

Abra, is a service similar to Celsius. You can get bitcoin-backed loans, the works. It’s okay. The interesting thing is that they offer 0% interest in 15% LTV, meaning you won’t have to worry for a bitcoin drawdown of even 85%.

That’s quite safe.

The difference from Celsius is that you can borrow USDC or True USD, which is not Tether. Be careful about that. USDC is accepted by Binance so you can do the whole borrowing and then using the debit card to pay for stuff as I’ve said on the Celsius article. Careful, I don’t know if Abra absorbs the withdrawal costs. For small amounts that makes a difference for Celsius.

The minimum loan amount is $100, and it requires basic KYC.

Watch the video from Trader University for an explanation and sign up at Abra with the code RCCNWPYEK and get a little bonus.

Sign up at Abra with the code and get a little bonus.



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