If you’ve been following Michael Saylor’s strategy on living off bitcoin and never selling, you’ll be on the lookout for cheap rates on crypto loans.

The safest place to get 1% APR is Celsius. They have a choice of shitcoins to borrow, including their own token which gives an even better rate should you choose it. I suggest you take a look but stick with Bitcoin. Not financial advice.

Celsius crypto-backed loans have no origination fees, no credit checks, and they boast the lowest industry rates. I haven’t actually done a price comparison but compared to Binance the rates are much lower. Plus, Celsius gives you the option of going 25% LTV, meaning loan to value. That means that you need 2000 dollars worth of bitcoin to get a loan of 500 dollars at 1% APR. 500 Dollars is the lowest amount you can borrow, and it feels like the best rate out there.

25% LTV means the price of bitcoin would have to drop 75% before you get margin called. Bitcoin has dropped 80% in the past but now with the institutional investors waiting for a sale, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see such a deep dive again. Out of all the risky stuff, this is one with the least risk. Of course there is always a risk.

The team behind Celsius is a serious one, it’s not some happy startup people, they have some real financiers and business people among them.

Why you should take a 1% loan from Celsius Network

  • No 2% origination fee
  • No closing cost
  • Refi with no penalty at any time
  • Pay 75% less interest than their closest competitor
  • Low LTV protects you from the risk of liquidation
  • Close the loan at any time.

Join Celsius now and get a 40 dollar bonus in Bitcoin when you deposit your first 400 dollars.



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