Buying your bitcoin is very easy these days. There’s no excuse for postponing it, really.

  1. You sign up to Binance through this link to get 10% off fees forever. It really does matter in the long term if you’re staking sats.
  2. You download the Binance app. Whoa, that’s a lot of buttons!
  3. You create a Binance account and complete KYC. Know Your Customer is the standard verification system. Best done on the phone instead of your desktop, because you can easily use the came and the prerequisite selfie.
  4. Once you’re in Binance and gotten verified (usually takes a few minutes, be patient,) click the little person at the top left corner. Tap the Binance Lite switch once and it will change to a simpler layout. It shelves away all the weird noise that you don’t need at the moment, trading, futures, margin, cards, crypto loans, etc.
  5. Go to Bitcoin and click “Buy.”
  6. Enter your preferred buying amount. It’s okay to start small. Remember, you don’t need a whole bitcoin. Buying a few satoshis is fine, it’s a fraction of the bitcoin, just like fractional shares.
  7. Select payment method. If you’re in the EU, you get Free SEPA transfers, which are quick and awesome. Or you can choose a card. The fee is shown, and it’s quite low for starters. If you’re dollar-cost-averaging you might wanna avoid even the 1.5% but for now let’s just choose card because it’s the fastest and we wanna get our hands on some sweet, sweet bitcoin immediately.
  8. You enter your card details. And tap okay, or whatever the verification button says.
  9. You wait a bit, and that’s it! You get the okay message (hopefully) and you’re the proud owner of some satoshis! Congrats on making the smart move. Now tell your friends ’cause you’ve chosen the orange pill.

Want an even simpler method? You can go to these bitcoin-only exchanges.



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