Since this took some time to figure out, I wanted to write down some tips that might help some people.

Zeus lightning wallet is the best wallet for node owners. It’s also getting a sleek overhaul very soon, making it easily the top suggestion to anyone wanting to get in the lightning game. But it can be a bother to set up, so here are some issues and steps I followed to connect mine:

Download Zeus Lightning Wallet.

There’s an option in Raspiblitz under the Connect menu/ Mobile – Connect Mobile wallet / Zeus Android/ Continue/ And it creates a pairing QR code. You just scan that with the Zeus/+Add new node/Scan Lndconnect config and you’re done!

Only it refused to work for me.

So, I made sure to have my Raspiblitz running on Tor. That seemed to be a big issue in connectivity. You don’t need Orbot, Zeus now supports Tor natively. But you do need a couple more things:

You need to tap Certificate verification. It’s looking for a certificate.

You find that back at Raspiblitz, Connect/Export – Get Macaroons and TLS.cert.

Download the certificate from one of the options. Browser or whatever. Copy and rename the file to TLS.crt so that the icon changes to a certificate. Copy both files in your phone’s internal storage and try to load either one inside Zeus’ Certificate verification. Mine needed the renamed TLS.crt file.

From Raspiblitz Connect/ Export choose Get Macaroons. Copy those somewhere safe (THESE GIVE ACCESS TO YOUR NODE.) Hex string copy and paste works just fine. No right-click on cmd, you need to select with the mouse and Ctrl+c the Macaroons. The one you need is the admin.macaroon. Find a way to copy and paste it into the Zeus Macaroon (hex format) field.

For REST Port just input 8080.

And for host, you need to go to Raspiblitz Main / Info – Raspiblitz status screen. If you have Tor enabled you should see a line of alphanumeric characters like 12sdgdg4224gsdgskhhlklkdsdjglksdjlgksklgsldsldsklghlk23423sjkdsdlkklsd@asksdkjlgkglk34ksfdlgjs23ksdlkgj.onion:9735

Copy that line and paste it into the Host field in Zeus setup. Delete the port (:9735), leave it ending in .onion.

Tick the checkbox Use Tor. Tick Certificate verification and locate the .crt file.

And that’s it!

Your Zeus wallet should connect. Sometimes it Says Err. Connect time out. Just kill the app from your phone’s app manager and open it again. It kept refusing to connect when I got the set up right for the first time and I thought I was doing something wrong. But if there’s no connection it will tell you, Socks refused to connect and so on. So you know there’s been a miscofiguration.

That’s about it for Zeus. Other than the bother of connecting it to my Raspiblitz node it has been a breez(!)

Since we’re on the topic, here are some news so you can see why it’s worth supporting the Zeus project.

They announced an app overhaul that will make it sleek and nice.

They’re going to train some newbies in test nodes in Miami 2021 so that’s cool of them.

You can bug them on Twitter, they’re very helpful.



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