You might have seen it lately. It’s a sort of inside joke, a meme that may have started on Clubhouse. A hashtag of #laserrayuntil100k has given it away. Basically it’s the meme of someone like in anime getting laser eyes when they power up or get a limit break. It’s sort of like ascending, levelling up. Something like that. If you’re feeling FOMO and wanna join in, you can just go to

You just drag and drop your profile picture, click on the lens flares below, move and scale them until they look right, repeat for the second eye, and you’re done! Click download and you have yourself a new laser eye profile pic for your twitter.

Mine don’t look that good and I tried a second one with yellow lasers.

That one felt like too much so I stuck with the JJ Abrams lens flares.

It might seem silly, but this is the internet and we live on memes. Plus it’s fun. Go get your own laser eyes and HODL until Bitcoin reaches 100k. Buy some more if you don’t have enough (You can never have enough satoshis.)

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