Just like bitcoin has completely rewired people’s way of thinking, it is starting to completely rewrite the laws of doing business.

Try this on for size:

It’s possible to have a successful business that only holds bitcoin and doesn’t earn profit.

Okay, it’s crazy, I know. Any businessman will scoff at the very idea.

But let’s think it through.

Now, these arguments might fall flat for businessmen who haven’t been orange-pilled yet, and that’s okay.

For starters, let’s talk about rolling debt. What is that?

It’s basically what rich people do. They do a disgusting thing where they take loans on their appreciating assets forever. They never sell, they make sure to buy scarce assets that only appreciate in value, and take a loan on it. They pay the monthly payments out of that amount and make sure to spend little. Then as time passes and their assets appreciate in value, they take another loan, and the banks are happy to give it to them. Rolling debt until they die, never paying taxes on them, never selling.

You can find out more about this, originally explained by Michael Saylor on this video, and another explainer video on that that we’ve found.

Saylor also explains how a business would only need about 100 bitcoin to sustain itself indefinitely for 100 years or more.

This person on twitter is trying to do just that, accumulate 127 bitcoin and then fulfil their dreams of making a non-profit that sustains itself and helps people https://twitter.com/127BTC

Someone else wrote the following:

Bitcoin businesses are interesting. You could create an insanely valuable company that earns zero profit. If you hold bitcoin and your company promotes bitcoin adoption then it’s a successful business. If bitcoin grows then the short term business loss is offset by exponential growth of the bitcoin network.

Is this a new business model?

It actually might be. Sure, bitcoin is very volatile. And sure, it might be hard to convince your business partners to go through with it. Heck, it might be hard to convince yourself even if you like the idea.

But do you really have to promote bitcoin adoption?

No, not really.

Here’s Tahinis Restaurants talking about bitcoin adoption in their business.

And this hilarious skit on tik tok:

In another tweet that I can’t seem to locate, they said how inflation forced everyone else in the competitive restaurant business to raise their prices, while they could remain at their normal prices because they had bitcoin in their treasury.

It’s insane when you think about it. Simply by owning bitcoin, even non-profitable businesses like Tesla Motors have shown profits over time. Yes, the volatility is frightening, but if you zoom out it’s a steady growth over time.

And that’s what we’re talking about here, low time-preference, a long time horizon.

So, planning to make a dent in the universe? Dreaming of creating a business that makes products built to last, with a brand that will stand the test of time?

Then you might want to think long and hard about bitcoin.



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