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Lili tweeted some nice tips about using a Bitcoin ATM no-KYC.

Everyone knows how to use an ATM, why not use a bitcoin ATM #noKYC:

Find one: http://coinatmradar.com You’ll be asked for a phone number for verification. Avoid giving up your real number:



– use a 2nd phone (get prepaid SIM and install @CalyxOS)

Tip: if you’re paying for textverified using bitcoin make sure to use post-mix bitcoin to protect yourself

Here’s a guide for text verified. How to use Text Verified to by non-KYC bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM by Heady Wook https://archive.org/details/how-to-use-text-verified-to-buy-non-kyc-bitcoin-at-a-bitcoin-atm/page/n5/mode/2up

We covered a bit of CalyxOS here.

You should know that generally Bitcoin ATMs have plenty of fees. But that’s the cost of doing non-KYC business. Some allow cash withdrawals, some don’t. Either ask or check the http://coinatmradar.com

In Greece there are tens of ATMs popping up from two major companies, both in Athens and smaller cities.



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