I wrote another post but it’s obvious I couldn’t quite put my finger on why I don’t trust Michael Saylor as a Bitcoin evangelist. Thankfully there are people more immersed in the bitcoin ecosystem than I, so here it goes:

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My thoughts:

I’m not sure if I care to wash my bitcoins or make sure they come from non-corporate sources or anything. What I do agree on is that Michael Saylor is a US CEO, has to keep many clients plus the stock market happy, and will abide by whatever laws the US enforces on Bitcoins. So yes, should they decide to stamp and track bitcoins in corporate treasuries, then Michael Saylor and all the US publicly traded companies will comply.

Someone said on What Bitcoin Did podcast that Michael Saylor is one of the best salesmen on the planet, if not the best. I don’t disagree, I can definitely see that in the way he talks, the way he appropriated the lingo and the memes, in the way he promises the world while offering absolutely nothing tangible.

I don’t like how he’s taking over the narrative. I don’t like big speeches about how bitcoin is gonna change the world. I do like that he’s helping with mainstream adoption. We’ll see very soon, during the bear market.



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