There has been trouble lately with UK residents in buying their bitcoin. Three banks blocked payments to cryptocurrency exchanges I believe, especially towards Binance.

There’s been a bit of news that Binance has passed UK regulatory laws but payment options with instant Pound transfers haven’t opened yet, we’ve tried it as of the writing of this post.

So, what are the alternatives?


Bottlepay has integrated lightning, auto buys down to the hour if desired, and 1% fee for buys. For us, the lightning payments are a big deal for the coming years of bitcoin adoption and exchanges that are offering lightning are ten steps ahead already.


Coinfloor is recommended by many since it’s one of the oldest exchanges, and age means a lot in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency.


“You can buy an Azteco Voucher from one of our 500 live outlets. See our map at there is no easier and better way of getting Bitcoin!”

Azteco is different because it has to do with buying gift cards at physical locations. It’s a unique offer in the UK and it’s widely available with more and more stores being added every day. It costs about 5% more than spot price for the ease of use. The benefit is that it can be completely KYC-free, since you can pay with cash at the store. Then you redeem the code online at

Cashback in sats

Maybe we should call it satsback. There are two great services that operate in the UK, and if you want to live on the bitcoin standard, you can use them to get cashback on phone refills and online orders. Especially for the UK there are plenty of big brand shops available.


Coincorner offers cashback for online shopping. Just make an account, browse through the available merchants that are quite a lot in the UK, click through the website and go do your shopping as usual. When all is said and done, you’ll get some percentage as sats back in your account, and it can add up over time.

You can also buy bitcoin directly from the site if you really want to. There’s also a browser plugin to let you know if the shop you’re browsing through is on the list. What are you waiting for? It’s a no brainer, sign up here.


Bitrefill has a dozen options to choose from. You can buy gift cards for recharging your phone, shopping on Google Play, Amazon gift cards, Steam, you name it. Just make an account and take a look, you can use lightning to pay for them and live on the bitcoin standard.



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