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Revolutions provides an upgrade in how humans could network and coordinate around the world. Bitcoin is the first step in a new way of networking, how we can instantly cordinate with anyone in the world without being stopped. #bitcoin

The Internet disrupted information monopolies.

#Bitcoin disrupts financial monopolies.
It’s a criticism of centralised monetary policy.

Innovation happens at the edge, and in finance that’s gonna be in economies that are broken.

To give you an idea of the speed of the hyperinflation in Venezuela today, to buy a cup of coffee in downtown Caracas:

2016: 450 bolivares
2017: 4500 bolivares
2018: 1.4 million bolivares

New data:
2021/04/01: 5,918,500 bolivares
Expected annual inflation rate of 2,267%

In June 27th 2015 a lot of Greeks had this moment of “OMG I don’t actually control my own money.”

When government closed your banks and limited what you could withdraw, established to ban when you moved money around, is a sign of things to come in many places around the world.

When you have a government which is centralized means where you realize that the people who print the money, the people who print the media, and the people who control the laws and the people who control the military are all the same.

(IMO the map is alot more red than this)



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