21 million BTC sounds like a lot. But there are nearly 8 billion people. Bitcoin is a scarce asset.

One of the top misunderstandings in bitcoin is that you don’t need to buy a whole bitcoin. Unit bias and all that, you can just get a fraction.

Cool, got it. Then what?

Then people learn about bitcoin being a scarce asset. Only 21 million bitcoins will ever be minted, with about 90% of the supply already mined. The payout of the miners will get halved every four years until it asymptotically reaches 21 million. It will quite possibly come a tiny fraction short of that, something like 20999999.

Anyway, bitcoin is the only truly scarce digital asset, okay. 21 million, okay. But the world is close to 8 billion people, right? How will everyone get a bitcoin?

Answer is: We won’t.

Everybody will get a fraction, and it will be alright. We call the subdivisions satoshis. 100 million satoshi makes 1 bitcoin. From the graph above, you can start to see the scales at work here.

Some say that having about 0.23 bitcoin is enough, or 230 million satoshis. It’s really not that much in today’s prices. Practically anyone can hodl that much bitcoin. That small fraction will be enough to put you way ahead of the entire population of the Earth.

And you’re still thinking about investing in bitcoin?

Here’s how you can buy some satoshis for you.



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