Trader University discusses the new DeFi options getting built on Bitcoin.

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In this video, I discuss the latest news about Square and Jack Dorsey starting a new business to build DeFi on top of Bitcoin.

I discuss the basic principles of layered architecture, and how important it is to build on a strong foundation. Bitcoin is a much stronger and more secure and decentralized foundation than Ethereum, so it makes sense that much of DeFi will migrate to Bitcoin.

Atomic Finance, Stacks, RSK, Sovryn, and the Lightning Network are just a few examples of DeFi and Layer 2 solutions that are being built on Bitcoin.

Money has the tendency to converge to a single currency (it’s been the US dollar since Bretton Woods and 1944). Bitcoin is the best choice for the world’s future reserve asset. Like Amazon, Bitcoin is eating the monetary world, including DeFi.

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Internet protocol stack:…

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Atomic Finance pivots from ETH to BTC:…

Atomic Finance Earn Yield on BTC:






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