I stumbled on Async.art, it’s an NFT marketplace for programmable artwork. It’s a neat gimmick, for sure. I kinda like these things, but I feel like it’s too much work for a result that is meh. There are programmable art pieces that follow the night and day cycle, others that change according to some stock price, or any other input.

Here’s a video that explains it better:

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They work in layers, as explained in the video. And it was easy to add in music too. I wasn’t really impressed by the visual art on display, then again 90% of everything is crap. It seems that in the NFT space that amount goes up to 99%.

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It’s interesting, and I could think up of some novel uses for it, if I could be bothered. I feel like you’d need to be an artist with a serious amount of followers to get people over to the platform.

Beeple did a piece that changed depending on the election result, so that’s basically the concept behind the gimmick.

Anyway, I just found it interesting and thought I should share it. https://async.art/



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