If you haven’t noticed, the biggest and most bombastic IPO of the decade is the Coinbase IPO. Binance announced that they’ll support the COIN token in their tokenized stocks product. But then they sent out a notice that they’ll delay it due to volatility. I’m sure people are piling on it, I happened to watch some finance youtubers saying they’ll pounce on the stock.

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I like those guys, they’re funny and interesting. But they’re too caught up in Keynesian economics and think the bubble will never pop. Graham is a bit more restrained, but Kevin. Wow. Riding the wave. Anyway, I agree more with this analysis by Trader University:

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In short, no COIN is not worth it. Coinbase has done some good in onboarding a lot of crypto users, including myself. But they almost broke bitcoin as well, plus they don’t seem to believe in it since they’re still using the fiat standard. You’d think the leading cryptocurrency exchange would have adopted the bitcoin standard years ago.

Anyway, it’s a no from me. I love the attention it’s getting, it’s the tide that raises all the cryptocurrencies but I never planned to buy any stock.



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