Another wonderful guide by Anilsaidso on scams and what to look out for. Definitely worth sharing.

Smart people can get scammed too. Don’t think you’re immune.

Quick thread on 𝘀𝗰𝗮𝗺𝘀, because it bears repeating. Scams are designed to separate your from your hard-earned sats. Never assume you’re immune. If you know what scammers target, you’ll know what to protect.

What do scams attempt to achieve?

1. Capturing your login credentials or identity docs for custodial services

2. Capturing your private keys in the case of self-custody

Scams take different paths depending on the target.

But you can greatly reduce the attack vectors by taking custody of your bitcoin (not keeping them on an exchange).

*note that scams require active participation and are different from hacks/attacks

What strategies do scams employ to achieve this?

1. Unsolicited emails/texts asking you to upload identity docs, confirm login details
2. Apps, websites that ask you to manually enter your private key
3. Investment offers, giveaways that require a ’deposit’

So keep an eye out for these warning signs and always remember the golden rule-

For a deeper understanding on why we tend to fall for scams-



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