Lauren Sieckmann on twitter seems to think so.

I love these analyses but basically any movie or story based on the archetype of Plato’s Cave of Shadows can be reinterpreted as a bitcoin story.

1/ In the film ‘The Truman Show’, Truman’s every move is captured by hidden cameras. Unknowingly, his life is part of one giant TV production. But did you know that The Truman Show is actually a film about the fiat system and #Bitcoin? Thread

2/ Working in film and being passionate about Bitcoin, I see themes in a lot of my favorite films. Here’s a different take to better understand the value of #Bitcoin through films we all know and love

3/ “There is no difference between private life and public life. My life is The Truman Show. The Truman Show is a lifestyle..” Meryl is us. Comfortable in the confines of the fiat system. Loss of privacy and human rights… it has become a lifestyle.

4/ “It’s all true. It’s all real. Nothing here is fake. Nothing you see on this show is fake; it’s merely controlled.” Intentions are blatant. Convenience for us is purposeful manipulation by them. We are responsible for our financial literacy. To see beyond surface level.

5/ “Maybe I’m being set up for something…like your whole life has been building towards something” The moment you realize…something is not right. The Dot Com, Hyperinflation, the 2008 Subprime. Am I being used? Is there a bigger picture I’m not seeing?

6/ “They’re on a loop. They go around the block. They come back. They go around again. They just go round and round! Roooooound and round!” You figured them out. The pattern. It’s the exact same throughout history… …creation and corruption of money. Over and over again.

7/ “This is different. Everybody seems to be in on it” Everyone. The Fed, the politicians, the too big to fail banks, the smaller banks, the SEC, credit agencies. The closer you are to the money, the closer you are to striking gold. Everyone has something to benefit.

8/ “I know that feeling where everything is slipping away and you don’t want to believe it so you look for answers somewhere else.” Now you’re mad. You feel tricked. How do you escape what you never opted into? You research. You understand how it works. For the first time.

9/ “Cue the Sun” They try and keep you locked in. They play all the tricks up their sleeve. Low interest rates. Take out a cheap mortgage. Hmm, maybe I’ll buy the bigger house. Wow, now I can use the equity in my home to go buy a Porsche, too! Wrong.

10/ “People forget it takes the population of an entire country to keep the show running.” But what if we all just up and left? Together? Opted in to something else by choice, not by force. Something decentralized. Incorruptible. Something for the benefit of the people.

11/ “We accept the reality of the world with which we’re presented. It’s as simple as that.” You blame yourself. It’s not your fault. Before birth you were placed into a system you didn’t choose. But you weren’t given a choice. There wasn’t an alternative. Until now.

12/ “In case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight.” Like Truman, we’ve been stuck in a TV show with “bad actors.” But now we have an awareness. Now we understand. And now we have an escape plan. Now we have #Bitcoin



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