The development of this story is insane.

Note: This is not financial advice. You should consult your accountant or your financial advisor for any decisions you make.

The president of El Salvador joined in on Nic Carter’s twitter spaces to address the new bill.

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  • The new bill has passed and will go into effect in 90 days.
  • Every person who invests 3 BTC will get citizenship.
  • El Salvador can offer geothermal energy from volcanoes to power bitcoin mining.
  • He talks about how central banks control his country.
  • Legal tender status means that everyone in El Salvador has to accept payment in bitcoin.
  • There will be no government wallet, anyone can use whatever they want.

This was a talk between the president of a country and some bitcoiners. No diplomats, no banks, no permission needed or asked for.

Listen to the improvised talk here:



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