This tweet contains some suggested resources to start with studying Bitcoin.

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A thread🧵 @michael_saylor reckons you need to fully spend 40 hours to understand #Bitcoin properly. If any newcomers chance upon this, here’s my suggested 40 hours, right here ⬇️ 

1. Everyone should read ‘The Bitcoin Standard’ by Saifedean Ammous. As much around the history of money as to bitcoin itself. It’s so fundamental that frankly if you are speaking to anyone about Bitcoin and they haven’t read it, question why 

2. Excellent coverage of common Bitcoin misconceptions here from last November – instant classic episode @Breedlove22 @PrestonPysh


An older episode from September ’20 from @PeterMcCormack, with @JeffBooth, @100trillionUSD, @PrestonPysh. Very good intro to various thoughts, prior to the current bull market. 

4. Ross Stevens interview at the Micro Strategy bitcoin conference. Great on an insight to the macro and central banking backdrop; OK, it’s also bullish as hell…

5. @Breedlove22 and @michael_saylor on
Exploration of bitcoin from an engineering and anthropological standpoint. Weighty, detailed content, worth every minute. 

6. @lexfridman has done heavyweight interviews with Robert Breedlove, @nic__carter and @APompliano

7. @Breedlove22 interviews

“How is an existing system which promotes inflation and prints money, and has to grow forever, in line with saving the planet?”

Also read Jeff Booth’s book ‘the price of tomorrow’

8. Serious content from @LynAldenContact on the history and decline of the petrodollar system…Need any more? has excellent links.

Tldr🤔? Buy bitcoin and only bitcoin, long term.

It’s all free, it’s all out there. Get off twitter and put the hours in.

You can get Bitcoin today.



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