What is the Lightning network?

It’s a Layer 2 solution that works on top of Bitcoin. It allows fast and cheap transactions and solves the scalability problem of Bitcoin. It’s still in beta but it is being used in the real world in El Salvador and is currently changing people’s lives.

All you need to do is get a lightning wallet and connect it to a node such as ours, by pointing the set up phone to the QR code. If you’re running a lightning node yourself you can open a channel between our nodes.

You can connect to our kroisos Lightning node on:

Public Key: 02af08e15f8164a698145e7ce50b7fd6062c49cff5eac54c40e1e04673f32f13c1

Find the node’s stats on 1ML https://1ml.com/node/02af08e15f8164a698145e7ce50b7fd6062c49cff5eac54c40e1e04673f32f13c1

And on Amboss.space https://amboss.space/node/02af08e15f8164a698145e7ce50b7fd6062c49cff5eac54c40e1e04673f32f13c1

Location is Europe, Greece, Athens.

We’re also helping Lightning developer Rene Pickhardt with his Travelling Salesman problem by putting zero base fees, #dropthebase #zerobasefee http://www.rene-pickhardt.de/