Binance just made an announcement: Notice on Binance Card Cashback Level Adjustment

We are pleased to announce that Binance Card will lower the daily average BNB holding requirement over a 30-day period on receiving cashback for ALL Binance Card users. The cashback level adjustment will come into effect at 2021-04-23 00:00 (UTC).Please find below details on the adjustment of Cashback Levels. For more information, please refer to FAQs.

Level*BNB Holding (Before adjustment)*BNB Holding
(After adjustment)
Cashback (%)
10 BNB0 BNB0.1%
210 BNB1 BNB2%
350 BNB10 BNB3%
4200 BNB40 BNB4%
5500 BNB100 BNB5%
62,000250 BNB6%
76,000600 BNB8%

Please note: I’ve been seeing posts on some communities about Binance asking for 0.05 BNB to issue a card. That amount is refunded after you activate it, so it’s no big deal.

I like my Binance card, I get cashback, and now I can easily HODL less BNB and get a more significant cashback. It’s time to get a Binance account.



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