Many, including Michael Saylor, have compared bitcoin to prime real estate. What if you could own a plot of land on Manhattan island. The land is scarce, and its price can only go up in value. Would you ever sell it? No, you can just borrow against it and pay it all back in appreciating value.

BRADY@CitizenBitcoin. Owning bitcoin now is like owning a piece of the web in the early days. The price benefits from all innovation built on top of it and every person, company and country adopting it. Not to mention you get to be part of the dawn of the a new Renaissance. Pretty good deal.


Snatch up that real estate, sat stackers!

With #Bitcoin, it’s possible to take an ownership stake in the entire Internet of Value. This was never possible with the Internet of Information. This is one of the tricky paradigm shifts new investors must wrap their heads around to understand Bitcoin’s full magnitude.

Thomas Nichols@tommy5cents02
·Replying to @Croesus_BTC and @CitizenBitcoinThis is probably the most effective visual I’ve used to those I care about to get them off zero and exposed to #Bitcoin. A handful of families don’t know it yet, but their financial independence is in part due to this depiction. Thanks.

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