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“At Relai, we do exactly what our customers do: we DCA bitcoin. We do what we preach! We generate daily revenues in bitcoin, which allows us to receive all the benefits of bitcoin DCA.” Read on @bravenewcoin on how to DCA into bitcoin as a company!

Raise in Fiat, Earn in Bitcoin: This is the Way

Bitcoin’s extreme volatility makes it unsuitable for some investors, but what about Bitcoin businesses? Discover how a young Bitcoin startup managed to navigate its first year operating on bitcoin-only revenues during a highly volatile crypto market.

When is the best time to buy Bitcoin? This is a question all new investors are faced with. Will it drop right after my purchase? Or will it take off if I decide not to buy? The struggle is real, and we’re sure you can relate.

Bitcoin companies have the opposite problem. They don’t need to buy bitcoin, they already earn it. However, while operating on bitcoin-only revenues, a Bitcoin startup has to deal with a changing regulatory landscape, fend off the latest FUD, and navigate bitcoin’s extreme price volatility, which can either make or break the company.

Julian Liniger, the co-founder and CEO of Bitcoin startup Relai, explains how the company navigated its first year operating on bitcoin-only revenues in the highly volatile crypto markets.

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