Ray Dalio said in an interview that he owns some bitcoin and that he’d rather have it than own bonds.

Generally we shouldn’t care what yet another rich old white billionaire says, but this one feels like a tipping point. Ray Dalio was very much against bitcoin only a while ago, and a lot of people listen to him.

Robert Breedlove’s Open Letter to Ray Dalio is very interesting.

If you’re under 30 there’s a good chance you don’t even know what bonds are. Here’s an excellent discussion:

Preston Pysh:

Need some more information about @RayDalio‘s comments on owning #Bitcoin instead of bonds? Here’s a discussion I had with @FossGregfoss titled: Bitcoin and Bonds. https://www.theinvestorspodcast.com/bitcoin-fundamentals/bitcoin-and-bonds-greg-foss/


  • What were some early lessons that Greg learned that shaped the way he sees the investing world
  • How does he think about the long-term debt cycle
  • How can Bitcoin potentially impact the fixed income market
  • How can convertible bonds become a catalyst for further Bitcoin adoption
  • What are his thoughts on the contango trade
  • His thoughts on the current sell-off in bonds and what it means for yield curve control
  • How to think about sovereign default swaps and how it can be used as a model for valuing Bitcoin
  • How governments will start to view Bitcoin if the trend continues


So, if bitcoin is good enough for Ray Dalio, it might be good enough for you. Buy some here.



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