It can be daunting to choose a node to go with. I guarantee you that if you really want to learn about bitcoin, running a node is the best way how. You can tinker with it, sync the blockchain, validate your own transactions, even run your own lightning node. The satisfaction will be immense, and you’ll be helping secure the network.

Evan Kaloudis, the developer of Zeus lightning wallet tweeted this short guide:


Need help choosing a platform?

I decided to go with Raspiblitz for a variety of reasons (open source, github patches, events to help the community), but I’m very DIY and technical. For absolute beginners, Umbrel is great, feels like an iphone with apps and everything. People criticize the developers for not playing well with others and for not being open source. But if you don’t have time to learn or don’t really wanna know how and you really want to run a node, Umbrel is okay. You can always switch to another build later, the hardware is the same.

I haven’t tried the other ones. Ronin Dojo sounds great because I’ve been trying out coinjoins lately, but I managed to get it running on my Raspiblitz so I don’t know if there’s more benefits to be had with it. I saw some more apps for it, that might do the trick.

Need more?

This video guide by Citadel Dispatch goes into 3 hours of analysis on the intricacies of each node. Important nuanced discussion on trade-offs.

And if you want one of those snazzy 3D printed cases, look for something like Crypto Cloaks



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