Adam Back, one of the people named in the Bitcoin whitepaper as inspiration and basis of cryptographic work, posed this question:

Was morpheus too altruistic? should’ve left Neo in the Matrix? #bitcoin‘ers want people to wake up, so they too can see monetary economic reality.

Just like Cypher in the Matrix, some people prefer to live in the dream. They don’t want out of Plato’s cave of shadows, they don’t wanna wake up in the real world, they like the steak inside the Matrix. “Put me back,” they say, “make me someone rich, someone famous.”

Saifedean Ammous posted an older thread about his opinion on this:

All altcoins are scams. I constantly say this not because they’e competing with Bitcoin; they aren’t. Nor because I want to protect idiots from scams; I don’t care. I say it for my reputation & integrity, so nobody will ever associate me with altcoins. And to alienate scammers.

Only reason altcoin scams exist is that they are parasites on Bitcoin & Bitcoiners, to the point where they’ve succeeded in convincing morons that Bitcoin and altcoins are all part of the same “space”. If you don’t speak up, you’ll get tarred as a scammer when these scams blowup

No altcoin does anything that Bitcoin cannot do. No altcoin will ever be neutral money like Bitcoin. Alts were not invented to be money, but to make their creators rich, so they’ll always be controlled by the scammers behind them. Stupid games with stupid prizes.

Bitcoin matters not because it’s fast, cheap, or easy; but only because nobody controls it. It grew spontaneously in the wilds of the internet without a central planner. After it, no alt could ever recreate this, as there’s no spontaneous market demand for a less secure Bitcoin.

So the only way that any altcoin can grow is if there is a team of full-time con artists working hard to code, mine and promote it. So every alt is under the full control of a team of scammers, which makes their entire use of Bitcoin’s decentralized design laughably retarded.

There is nothing wrong with a centralized competitor to Bitcoin. But there is something laughably wrong, stupid, and utterly unworkable about centralized shitcoins adopting a highly inefficient decentralized structure purely to pretend to be Bitcoin 2.0.

Bitcoiners need to understand this isn’t kindergarten, and you can’t be nice to scammers. When their scams blow up like Bitconnect, they’ll run away & leave your reputation in tatters unless you have a clear track-record of calling them out.

But the most important reason to speak up on shitcoins is selfish: You will alienate the scammers who pump shitcoins & they’ll never waste your time. My twitter gets better after every tweet on altcoins brings out the shitcoiners for me to mute, never to be heard from again

It’s trivial to build an exact replica of Bitcoin. But it’s impossible to make that replica grow and achieve any traction without the creator being in control of it. But having someone in control defeats the entire purpose.

So, what do you think? Do you accept the orange pill to wake up from the Matrix?



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