How to Get Started With Bitcoin Self-Custody

Not your keys, not your coins, right? You hear that all the time from hardcore bitcoiners. But how do you even start figuring that stuff out? An excellent guide on self-custody by econoalchemist. 1/35 A thread on getting started with #bitcoin self-custody: How to:– setup a new @COLDCARDwallet– secure a seedphrase with @CypherSafe– Read more…

Which Hardware Wallet Should You Get for Safely Storing Your Crypto?

This video by Coin Bureau seems to cover the top 5 hardware wallet options out there. Get Your Hardware Wallet 🔒 Trezor One: Trezor Model T: KeepKey: Ellipal Titan ColdCard:​ Ledger Nano S: Ledger Nano X:​